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Bad Bovine Madness

I was unloading my car for work Monday morning and noticed a white box.  I have a lot of crap in my car, so that wasn’t unusual, but I didn’t remember this particular piece of crap.


cow creamer box jpg

I opened it up. It was a porcelain cow creamer with a sugar bowl in the shape of udders.



cow creamer jpg.


My classroom has become a repository for cows in alarming numbers. All of unknown provenance.

cow and sugar bowl jpg


But my car? How are they getting into my CAR?

Of course, as per previous cow post, it could have been there for days. Or was it?

I  accused the usual suspects who all denied everything and/or fiendishly laughed. As usual.

I accused my husband of collaboration.

I examined the cow for clues.The price tag of $27 was still attached. Who would pay $27 to annoy someone?

Then it dawned on me. The only person who would dispose of their disposable income on cows would be someone with my genetic material.

My offspring.

cow snout close upjpg

When you pour the cream comes out of the nostrils.





One response to “Bad Bovine Madness

  1. Dioneca ⋅

    Out of the nostrils?! AWESOME!

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