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things to do with a banana

A number of seniors hang out in my room during lunch.  Yesterday they invented a game called peel slap.  You flip a water bottle in the air. It has to land upright. If not you get slapped with a banana peel.

They asked me to play.  I asked who planned to slap me in the face with a banana peel if I lost.

No one volunteered.

They went through 3 bananas in 40 minutes.

They formulated 9 rules.

  1. Thou shalt be a gentleman.  (slap respectfully)
  2.  Thou shalt not avoid the slap.  If the slap is avoided, the slap shall be personal. (the inside of the peel is used.)
  3.  If one lands said bottle, others must land it.  If thy bottle does not land, thou shalt be slapped.
  4. If one lands and another rebuttles, that rebuttler shall be absolved.
  5. If one lands and all others land, the original lander shall be slapped by all.
  6. After a round of slaps, the flippers rotate.
  7.  If thy peel is more brown than yellow, thy peel shall be replaced.
  8.  Thou shalt only wipe upon a face that is personal.
  9.  A double avoidance shall incur a smear.

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