As the astute reader may have surmised from the title, I am either a student or a teacher, or possibly a desk. I teach Latin (yes, I can hear you all thinking, “People still take that?” or, “I studied that when I went to Catholic school  and I don’t remember any of it.”  Yeah, well, you probably don’t remember quadratic equations either) and I have taught ancient history, mythology, and French, among other things, in six different schools from kindergarten through college. Most of the stuff in this blog  is true, except for the stuff that I can’t remember and just made up on the spot. If you are reading this to see if I wrote about you, yes. You’re the goofy one on page six.

I was not a big fan of school myself, so  finding myself in a school 10 months of the year is apparently the universes’s idea of a hoot.

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