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A disturbing number of boys have requested leave to disrobe and change in the classroom.  To me this is the stuff of nightmares, finding yourself  in a public place with no clothes on.  I say no.

A class was filming a project.   We were in the back of the school and I was watching the filming when I heard a door open and the principal came out. And that is when I realized that:

a) we were filming in front of an immense glass window

b)  three of the boys had removed their pants and were standing around in their boxer shorts.

The principal, ( who was also a rabbi. somehow that makes it worse)   had seen the boys through the large window and had come out to question them on their lack of attire. With perfect aplomb and straight faces they told him that this was required as costuming  for their part in the film.

I grabbed a script and wandered off trying desperately to look busy. The principal didn’t know what to say. You could almost see him grabbing at responses and then discarding them. Finally, at a loss for words, he went back in the building.

The god Poseidon was in the script.  The line read, ” As king of the sea, it is only fitting that the largest fish be mine.”  The prop the student brought in was a small marlin or sailfish trophy. Which he stuck in his belt, the head and bill protruding out. Points for a visual metaphor.

On the plus side, he still had his pants on.

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