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barometric pressure

My husband used to sleeptalk. Eyes wide open.

One night as I was  almost in a dream, my husband rolled over, sat up, and said cheerfully,

” Did I ever tell you about  how barometric pressure works? It’s really fascinating.”

I rolled over and pulled my eyelids open.  It was 1:oo A.M.

” Ummm, could you  tell me about this in the morning?”

WELL!!”  in an injured and aggrieved voice. “I thought  you would have wanted to know.”   

Whereupon he grabbed the blanket, rolled over and went back to sleep. Assuming he was actually awake during this transaction,

which left me wide awake, staring at the ceiling, blanketless, wondering,

what the hell just happened?”

To this day he won’t explain barometric pressure to me. “You had your chance.”

One response to “barometric pressure

  1. David ⋅

    Barometric pressure works by warm air rising and creating low pressure and cold air sinking creating high pressure. The pressure indicates weather by low pressure suggesting calm weather and high pressure suggesting rain. Seafarers also usehe pressure difference in time to suggest certain wind conditions.

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