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the Christmas guillotine

My husband built me a guillotine.

My old one fell apart.

Ok, it wasn’t actually my guillotine. It was my dad’s. He got it for a Christmas present.( The blade was wooden though. Poser.)

This was in addition to:

  • the psychedelic toilet seat
  •  the giant tortoise shell ( before it was illegal to acquire such things)
  •  the Hungarian fencing sabers
  •  the weather vane
  •  the branding iron with his initials.

Somehow a tradition started to see if he could guess  what his Christmas present was by playing twenty questions.  He guessed the toilet seat on the third guess. He guessed every single one.

The guillotine went to good use. It sat outside our front porch on Halloween.

When it fell apart, my husband built me a new one.

That’s love.

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