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sponge bob goes to high school

I was having a bad day, and to make myself feel better I decided to buy  the most obnoxious  ridiculous inflatable figure I could find.. NO, not THAT KIND. Although it could be kind of funny if…..never mind.   It was a toss up between the twin Santa flamingos  or  Sponge Bob Santa. Bob won.

Not that I wanted Bob for myself. No, this was for the French teacher that I routinely victimize to entertain myself.

The other French teacher with my depraved sense of humor helped.

Madame  Talking Through Your Nose was off at detention duty. We inflated Sponge Bob, tied him to her chair, then put her coat on top of him and tied the coat to Bob. From the back it looked like a six foot person was sitting in her chair. In the dark.SAMSUNG

She came back and stood in the dark for a full three minutes trying to quietly sneak up on whoever was there.SAMSUNG

She really really hates these things. Silly woman, why would you EVER let me know that?

One response to “sponge bob goes to high school

  1. it’s Spongebob, not Sponge Bob!

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