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The French teacher needs a little more variety in her class decor, and I feel obliged to provide it.

The podium is kind of a monochromatic brown. I went for techno aluminum.

2013-02-15_13.39.43But then the holidays came along.

I went to the dollar store. I love the dollar store. I got these lovely items for her chairs.2013-03-15_16.36.55

AND an inflatable dinosaur. She hates inflatables.  I added green fairy wings.  Plus some rubber duckies and bunny rabbits, all conveniently out of her reach hanging from the ceiling.


The piece de resistance ( yes, I know I am missing acute/grave/circumflex accents) is this:


Now this is all a labor of love, but if you want to engage my services for your classroom, feel free to contact me.

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