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More conversations with my daughter

There are those daughters who spend  time complaining about interaction with their mothers.  My daughter just posts my conversations or texts directly to Twitter as authentic mother/daughter communications.  Or entertains her friends at the bar.  Recent posts to Twitter:

At Christmas:   ” They sold out of the five foot inflatable sock monkeys EVERYWHERE.  And the pig requires assembly.”

” Do you know how many places sell inflatable pterodactyls?  A LOT.”

” I understand. No time to call your mother who carried you 12 days past your due date. Its ok. I’ll just sit here watching reality tv.  And drinking cheap beer.  It was really  more like 16 days.”

3 responses to “More conversations with my daughter

  1. They WERE authentic mother-daughter communications. They were verbatim.

  2. You forgot the most recent: “I just remembered, I don’t know how to crochet. I’ll just wrap myself up in the yarn and pretend I’m the cat.” #textsfrommymother

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