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the nerd wars

The other day in class one overachiever said to another ” Wasn’t that a brutal history test? It was so unfair”

The other overachiever said, ” No, I thought it was very fair.”

“What, are you crazy? He never gave a test like that before. We always just wrote down a couple of facts on a note card.”

“Well we spent two days on it. You should have more than just two facts.”

“I suppose you got an A?”

“Yes, I believe so.”

“Yeah, well, I’m 7th in the class and I have a GPA of 112.”

“Yes, but we’re talking about history. Who has the higher average THERE?”

Third student chimes in. ” He has a point. You WERE talking about history.”

First student just wanted a little agreement, a little camaraderie, and he’s not getting it.

” Well, who cares about this stuff other than you?”

Fourth student pipes up. “No wonder he hates you.”

Fifth overachiever speaks up. ” Why are you guys so mean to him? I think he’s AWESOME.  You are totally brilliant and awesome and these guys are just jealous.”

Fourth student backpedals. ” Oh, you know I was kidding.”

Fifth student verbally smacks him. “Oh, now you’re just trying to save yourself.”

Sixth student:  “It’s a poet to poet thing.”  Sixth student is often on an alien planet. This remark makes total sense to him.

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