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One time I hosted an academic competition.   One team had a super competitive personality who had his hand up first time every time, making sure no one else ever answered a question.

Finally one of his team mates, who really really wanted a chance, shot his hand up first. Type A student looked at him apprehensively. I asked the question, which I must admit, was a really really easy question.

The team mate beamed happily, and proceeded to cheerfully give the wrong answer.

Type A student let out a bloodcurdling scream:”  AAAAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! ” and slammed his head full force down on the desk in despair.

A classmate sitting on the floor looked at him seriously and said: ” You know John, you  need a valium and a good woman.”

Unfortunately, I had a mouthful of coffee at the time. It never got swallowed.

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