Recruitment speech

Sometimes I have trouble rationalizing why people should take Latin. This is my compelling recruitment speech.



2. I’m thinking, I’m thinking. Don’t rush me.

3. We have a secret handshake. don’t have to talk through your nose like in French. Really, does that sound romantic to you?

5. you don’t sound like you’re clearing your throat getting ready to spit like in German.

6. I have nothing against Spanish. Some of my best friends are Spanish teachers, but does that mean you have to take a class with them?

7. You learn a lot of big English words that you will spell incorrectly.


1. Latin is boot camp for grammar. It’s like the book, ” Everything you never wanted to know about grammar and had no intention of asking.”

2. No one speaks it anymore. On the otherĀ  hand, no one is around to laugh at your accent.

3. Did I mention you learn a lot of grammar?

4. Your Latin teacher has a short term memory loss problem.

5. People frequently say things like, “LATIN???? What are your taking THAT for?”

and when you don’t have a snappy comeback you feel inadequate.

Every student who reads this says the same thing.

“We have a secret handshake?”