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the good citizenship club

When I was in 7th grade, all the homerooms had a club. There was a drama club, a science club, a math club. But our homeroom?

We had the ” Good Citizenship Club.”

Yep, that club was a laugh a minute.  The brain child of our homeroom teacher who frequently told us that she had never missed a day of school.  ( WHY?????)

All I could think was, ”  And you’re bragging about it?  What a lot of wasted opportunities.”

Our club activities consisted of dropping suggestions into a box, along the lines of

“We shouldn’t slam our desks”  and voting on them.

One student offered the following anonymous comment.

Check happy referred to her habit of writing checks next to our  names for any infraction.

This note put her into a frenzy.

“Everyone write down who they think wrote this, and then I’ll question them.”   ( you mean interrogate, don’t you?)

I wrote ” Probably any of us, really”

Guess whose name showed up the most?

One response to “the good citizenship club

  1. Brodysseus ⋅

    In all honesty you probably didn’t deserve to be in the “Good Citizenship Club” to begin with. You would think they would have swapped your homeroom the moment that club was made.

    In unrelated news, I’m surprised. There is a shocking lack of leafy deer to be had in this blog so far.

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