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what, this isn’t normal? says who?

When my daughter was 13, I bought her a set of throwing knives for Christmas.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

My daughter mentioned this at work department meeting.  (this might not have been the best moment to share this)  So naturally they all thought she was lying.

Daughter:  It comes off a  little quirkier than it sounds in my head when I say stuff loud like, “Well, my mom wanted me to be proficient in hand to hand combat so she got me throwing knives when I was thirteen.  And then the whole family  (cousins too) went into the kitchen and practiced throwing them at the wall.”

Me:  Yep, sounds a little quirky.

Daughter: well, how would you have explained it? My mom wanted me to be able to defend myself in a Latin American armed forces coup?  (thinking to myself, “I don’t know that I would have casually dropped this at a department meeting.”)

Me:  Vampires. And the zombie apocalypse.

Daughter:  Fair enough. I will correct that at the next team meeting.

Me:  Otherwise they might think I’m nuts.

Daughter:  Um. If you bought your thirteen year old daughter throwing knives to prepare for the zombie  apocalypse, that’s less nuts than self defense?

Me:  Right. Better stick with the Latin American coup story.

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