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On my birthday someone sent balloons and everyone who came in the room said happy birthday.

the next day the balloon was still there.  A girl came in and looked at it and said, ” Oh, is today your birthday too?”

One response to “birthday

  1. Fiat Lux ⋅

    “the next day the balloon was still there.” Let me guess. It’s still there now, floating miserably in some lonesome, long-forgotten part of your house or god knows where. Sitting there. Waiting to deflate. This poor, aluminum-foil, helium-filled balloon. All alone. When it deflates, it’ll sit there for however long. Maybe it’ll make it to your next birthday and then finally be thrown away. If it’s lucky, you’ll trip over it and end its miserable existence by saying something like, “Oh hey! What a great birthday that was 4 months ago!” and then, finally, throw it away. God, I’d hate to be a balloon. Oh, and happy birthday!

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