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the holidays

actual text.  almost.

French teacher:  A 7 foot snowman appeared across the street and its not even December.  Bastards.


Me: Hey,  its  not even Thanksgiving. Things could be worse. It could be on your front lawn.

Silence while I digest this information.

Me: Oh.

Me: Ummm, so what’s your address?

Me: It’s , ah, for a Christmas card.

Me: yeah, that’s it.  A Christmas card.

Me: Ok, don’t tell me. I’ll ask your department coworkers. They cave easily.

Me: I saw this 8 foot inflatable turkey. The tail feathers move.

inflatable turkey from flickr tje704French teacher:  NO. NO.

Me: you’re so cute when you try to be authoritarian. Does anyone ever listen?

French teacher: Only my students. Occasionally.


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