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Nobody loves me

The french teacher ( notice the lower case “f” which  is my subtle put down, although not so subtle if I have to point it out. I need a more sensitive audience) sent out a group email and EXCLUDED ME. Ok, so there are 13, 14 people in our department. She couldn’t add on more than nine. Do I believe this? No, of course not. This is an opportunity for me to feel aggrieved, forgotten, unloved. Whatever.

ME: You forgot me. Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Latin teacher.

Her:  Oh shush. It wouldn’t let me tag anyone else.

Me: Oh shush. merda tauri.  That be Latin speak. Let me see…you got 9 out of …14 of us? That makes me chopped liver. And you a vegetarian. I am so putting bacon bits in your coffee.


( notice all caps? she’s starting to snap)

ME:I am creating a crowd funding event to raise money to put a giant winged Santa on her roof, with interchangeable parts so it can be a giant elderly cupid for Valentines day. At least$ 150 for the inflatable, $200 or so for the workmen, and a$ 100 or so to keep the Frenchie and spouse preoccupied at the local watering hole while this is anchored permanently onto their roof. WHO IS IN?

After all, I like a laugh or so too.I’m just too insignificant to be included…… send those donations in folks! Wow. got $150 already. I might be able to add a blinking giraffe

I am so investing in the remote controlled inflatable shark.The one that bites.

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