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waffle is a dirty word

Today my seniors asked me what I thought about when I heard the word pancakes.

Me: Umm….food?

Them: The first thing you think of isn’t a girl with her chest pressed up on a window? How about waffle? Did you know that waffle means vagina or sex?

Well, now I just feel stupid.

Me: What, is this like, a thing now?

Them: No! We’ve never heard of it. And we’re the cool kids!

The reason for the inanity of this conversation was  the fact that the members of  a volleyball competition  had their team names nixed for being inappropriate. This was determined by running every team name through the urban dictionary to see what came up.

I started searching.  Did you know that window can mean slut?  And book. You want to talk trash about a girl and not get caught?

” Hey, did you read that  book last night?  You get past the title and into those tables of contents?”

Set, as in mathematical sets, and set in volleyball, can also mean sex. Any play on words containing set (it was volleyball after all) was not allowed.

I believe  I have been a serial potty mouth.

Honor. That can be some pretty disgusting stuff involving body fluids and excretions.

Character is a polite way to refer to a drunk.

I couldn’t stop myself.

I typed in Spanish. Interesting sexual positions.

I typed in French. Do you really have to ask?

This site, I might add, is a user generated  site. Anyone can contribute. Have a party. Think stuff up. Imagine what you could do with Washington monument.

So breakfast foods and anything with set, which happens to be the term used in volleyball, were all denied.

Only the urban dictionary, manufactured by teenagers with creative minds, was the standard by which all these names were investigated.

Interestingly,no one googled any names. So the Reality Kings, with the hashtag hot mommas, was approved.

Check it out. The first fifty hits are a porn site.

There is no  logic in  this place.

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