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Zeus is the best god

Every day I present a person from mythology.  Mythology is chock full of rape, incest, adultery, cannibalism, mutilation, betrayal,… you get the idea.  After awhile I started to think,

“ How can  I teach this stuff to kids? “  and then I would listen to a rap song.  Straightened my thinking right out.

Zeus has a lot of women, goddesses, nymphs, mortals, willing or unwilling. He is the MAN,to the hormone filled skins of teenage boys.  I assigned presentations on the Greek gods. A big red haired freckled boy got up.

“Zeus is the BEST god.”

He thought for a moment. His catholic upbringing kicked in.

“Except for Jesus.”

2 responses to “Zeus is the best god

  1. Ahaha! Teenagers are hilarious in their thinking sometimes. A student once asked me why Jews get to celebrate Jesus’ birthday for 8 days and Christians only got 1.

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