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The unexpected visit

The supervisor appeared in my room one day half way through the lesson.

He sat himself at my desk. I continued the lesson and handed him the textbook, open to the translation.   He motioned me over.  The classroom was originally a room for small study groups. It was very small, designed for only ten people.

He pointed to the textbook.

“Where is the teachers edition?” he asked rather loudly

“I don’t have one.”

“Why not?”  in a somewhat argumentative tone.

I didn’t know why not. I had never had a teacher’s edition of any book. No one had ever given me a catalog to order books. I just used what was there.

“ I never ordered one. I don’t even know if they have them for this book.”

He pointed to the story written in Latin.

“ Well, then,how do you know what this says?”

Pause.  Really long pause.

“Ummmm…because….. I’m the Latin teacher?”

He knew.  I was just making it up as I went along.

2 responses to “The unexpected visit

  1. Oh wow! Were you really or were you just messing with him?

    • magistrak

      was I really making it up? No. I didn’t say that, it was just a wisecrack. I really did say ” because I’m the Latin teacher.” His response was to get embarrassed and to mumble something to cover up the remark.

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