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Stuff you just need to know. Right this minute.

In the 70’s book, A Child’s Garden of Grass, or Everything You Wanted to Know About Marijuana But Were Afraid to Ask, the main character, Ernie Lundquist, the alleged source of all the information, has a revelation while high. It was so important that he attempted to call the White House to tell President Nixon. He was unable to get through, but wrote down this revelation. The next day this is what he read:

” You may not like pickles, but after all, it is the only thing you can do with cucumbers.”

I have moments like these. Like yesterday.

” The answer is C and did you know that egg rolls are really just Chinese burritos?”

One response to “Stuff you just need to know. Right this minute.

  1. Dione ⋅

    Totally factual information. All of it.

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