tormenting the neighbor

My students made a large horse out of chicken wire.

I guess it was going to be a Trojan horse. It took up a lot of space in my classroom.

I put a Roman helmet on it and moved it into France. Or French class.

Sometimes the French teacher clenches her teeth so hard I’m afraid she’ll get lockjaw.  You think its me?

The Trojan Horse on the throne of France

my little cabbage

My French grandmother told me many years ago that ” my little cabbage” was a term of endearment.

Cabbage? who knows. its the French.

So I got a brussel sprout, donated by a Latin/French student.  its a little cabbage, right? nasty little suckers.

I hot glued it to a white board and left it on the French teacher’s computer.  Mon Petit Chou.

Her: What the hell am I going to do with this once it starts to rot?

Me:Not my problem now.

Its still on her desk, mummifying.

my little cabbage

my little cabbage